Demystifying Doggy Dewclaws

Most dog lovers are fairly certain that every inch of their pet is adorable, from nose to tail. If you have ever spent time admiring your pup, you may have noticed those extra little thumbs on the inside of their front paws (or lack thereof). 

What are these tiny appendages? Why do some dogs have them and others don’t? The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital have all the answers to your burning questions about doggy dewclaws.

The Deets on Dewclaws

When it comes down to it, dewclaws are really what they appear to be – thumbs! 

Sort of.


5 Ways to Pamper Your Cat

The cats we share our lives with have it made, right? They sleep as much as they want. They never have to look for food (although sometimes they feel the need to beg for it). And they are diligently protected from various potential calamities. 

Despite parasites, contagious diseases, vehicular accidents, and  fights with predators, today’s pet cats are living longer than ever before. While it seems like cats have everything they want or need, the truth is that there are lots of things we can do to make them feel safe and loved. Look no further than our suggestions on how to pamper your cat.


Pet Separation Anxiety in This Brave New World

It seems as if we live in a world of unsettling statistics and harrowing headlines. It’s no wonder that we’re all a little on edge, and our pets are no exception. 

Animals, especially companion animals, are incredibly intuitive. They pick up our emotional states, and often react in kind. For the good times and the terrible ones, our pets hold up a mirror for us. And, as we all work towards establishing a new normal, a natural consequence is, of course, pet separation anxiety.


Bug Off! Pet Friendly Insect Control

Ah, summer. The time of year when everyone wants to come out of hiding and enjoy the great outdoors. People aren’t the only ones coming out in droves, however. Pesky insects that bite, sting, and invade the home are plentiful, and can cause some serious problems for people and pets. 

Unfortunately, the ingredients in most insecticides and insect repellents are pretty toxic. Keeping your pet safe while you get rid of buggy things is our aim at Naperville Animal Hospital. Let The Pet Experts give you some suggestions for pet friendly insect control just in time for summer.


Do Dogs Need Sun Protection?

Ask any dog owner how easy it is to leave the house during the summer months with their pup in tow, you can expect a few surprises. 

Gone are the days that we can get away with packing just one extra doodie bag. Instead, we are now faced with the never ending list of things to pack in order to have a safe, comfortable, healthy day away from home. 

In addition to baggies, collapsible water bowls, and treats, dogs need sun protection, too! Without it, your pup could be in serious trouble.


Please Don’t Go! When Cats Have Separation Anxiety

Is your cat a velcro kitty who follows you around all day, wanting to be next to you? Do they get stressed or fearful any time you leave the home? Have you noticed increased accidents or other destructive behavior upon returning?

If your cat shows these behaviors and rushes to meet you each time you return, they may have separation anxiety.

This disorder is typically diagnosed in dogs, but several cats have separation anxiety. Their behavior, though, may seem different from a dog with the disorder. The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital want to spotlight this disorder in cats and how you can help prevent or treat it in your special feline.


Social Distancing Doesn’t Mean Skimping on Puppy Socialization

Bringing a new pet into your home during social distancing can be good for your stress and anxiety. It can also be helpful when it comes to training due to the increased amount of time spent at home. Proper puppy socialization, on the another hand, can be particularly challenging. 

All About Puppy Socialization

When you welcome a new furry family member into your home, of course you want to get them started right. Teaching your pooch the rules and norms of living in your house is important. For younger dogs, taking advantage of the developmental socialization window is critical as well. 


The Health of a Smelly Senior Dog Could Be One Sniff Away

There aren’t many reasons why people opt out of dog ownership, but if we had to guess, eau de dog might be one of them. It’s true: dogs have the tendency to truly stink from time to time. 

Unruly puppies cannot be easily deterred from rolling around in mud, garbage or poop, but as they age, these behaviors subside. Just when they start to mellow out, dogs can develop certain age-related health problems that cause unmistakable scents. While they may not be entirely welcome at home, the olfactory signatures of a smelly senior dog may reveal treatable health problems.


Hack, Cough, Uh-Oh: Hairballs in Cats

Most cat owners know the signal of impending doom. Your cat suddenly starts backing up while making an unearthly noise, as if to vomit. Then…they do. Amid the mess is that telltale wad of fur called a hairball. Not only are hairballs gross, they may be an issue of concern if they are a response to an underlying illness or condition. 

The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital are here to tell you more about hairballs and why they happen.


The Nitty Gritty on Bird Care

Birds have fascinated and delighted humans for thousands of years (and probably more!). They are beautiful, intelligent, and intriguing, and some species can make good pets as long as they are properly cared for by a devoted owner. 

Are you ready to take on a pet bird? Before you decide, it’s important to understand the basics of bird care, and The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital is here to help!