Our Go-To Guide to Support Excellent Cat Health

A grey and white cat.

Cats are some of the most popular pets out there. Since they are so independent, however, they don’t always receive the same kind of medical attention that has proven beneficial to other animals. While cats give the appearance of vitality and independence, unseen illness or injury could be taking a toll on their health and comfort. The worst part about this is that while owners perceive all is well, hidden symptoms could cause irreparable harm. However, with our approach to at-home cat health, owners can explore the many facets of feline wellness.


Hot Spots and Your Pet

A dog pants outside while sitting under shade on a hot day.

The team members at Naperville Animal Hospital are no strangers to itchy dogs. From ear infections to seasonal skin allergies to fleas, we see it all. Hot spots are one common reason that pets land on our appointment schedule and they are something we think all pet owners should know a little about.


The Wonderful Ways Animals Help Kids with Disabilities

Pets help kids with disabilities in so many ways.

It’s no secret that children are naturally drawn to animals. As depicted in thousands of beloved children’s books, cartoons, and movies, the family pet often serves as a confidant, playmate, and best friend to the youngest members of the household.

That’s why it should come as no surprise that animals help kids with disabilities in countless ways. At Naperville Animal Hospital, the team is constantly in awe of this special relationship, and we’d love to share more about this amazing bond.


The Loss of a Pet and the Importance of Grief Support

Pet loss and grief resources.

The bond between pet parent and much-loved furry family member can be one of the strongest felt in a lifetime. When the time comes to say goodbye, the loss of a pet is felt so deeply, so deeply, in fact, that it takes many people by surprise. This grief can leave us struggling to overcome the emptiness inside on continue on with our normal routines.


The Butt Scootin’ Boogie

Dog scooting.

Ah, the dreaded butt-drag.  Every pet owner has experienced it.  But what does it mean? Don’t ignore it!  If your dog is carpet surfing, there is a reason. and here are the most common causes:

  • Anal sacs: All dogs and cat have little sacs right inside the rectum that contain a stinky fluid.  Normally this fluid is expressed when your pet has a bowel movement. Sometimes the glands can become clogged or infected, however, resulting in a very irritating pressure that can be painful. You can help avoid this by bringing your pet in for grooming, which can include anal gland expression.
  • Parasites: Intestinal parasites such as tapeworms can cause irritation around the rectum, which results in scooting.
  • Allergies: Allergies, in particular food allergies, can cause an itchy behind. Give us a call if you suspect this may be the case for your pet.
  • Irritation: Anything irritating such as debris stuck in the hair around the rectum or inflammation secondary to diarrhea can result in your pet dragging or licking at its bottom excessively.
  • Fleas: Fleas love to hang out around the back half of the animal, which can sometimes result in scooting. Fleas can also carry tapeworms, another culprit!

So next time you catch your pet dragging its rear end on your white rug, don’t yell at him or her. Make an appointment to get it checked out!  Your dog or cat is trying to tell you something and needs your help to find a solution.

Pet Grooming: It’s More Than Just Looks

A professional groomer taking care of one of her furry customers.

Grooming your pet – that is, bathing, conditioning, trimming, and brushing – can feel like extra chores on an already long list. But when you consider how good pet grooming is for overall health and wellness, it’s the kind of activity that you may come to value. Nope, grooming isn’t just for the aesthetics, and The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital have some advice on ways to unleash your inner stylist.


Help, My Dog is Not Eating!

A dog not eating can be the sign of a serious problem.

Most pups live for their food, so when they are not eating or not eating well, it can be pretty worrisome. There are many different reasons that your dog is not eating normally, and the pet experts at Naperville Animal Hospital are happy to help you figure out why. 


Unearthed: Here’s Why Your Dog Won’t Stop Digging

Dog in a hole it dug.

Is your backyard dappled with more divots than an 18-hole golf course? At Naperville Animal Hospital, we dig dogs as much as you do, and you can turn to us for tips if you’ve got a dog who digs. We’re happy to discuss your dog’s behavior at every preventive care visit and whenever you have questions. Our pet experts are here to help you decode— and de-escalate— this decidedly destructive behavior! 


How to Stop Cat Scratching From Being a Problem

Cat scratching a wall

Having a cat in your home involves claws, and for the most part, that’s okay. Sometimes, though, cat scratching can be a real problem. The pet experts at Naperville Animal Hospital have some great tips for you, though, to help keep kitty’s claws from being a cat-astrophe.


Get Your Home Pet Ready for the Holiday Season

Holiday pet safety.

It’s hard to believe the holiday season is here already. As you start to transform your home into a winter wonderland, be sure to consider your pets and their safety considerations. Naperville Animal Hospital is here with some helpful tips on creating a pet-friendly home this holiday season: