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Naperville Animal Hospital

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About Us

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Our Goal

The Pet Experts of Naperville Animal Hospital offer pet lovers the finest in quality pet care and customer service. Our goal is to provide the most complete veterinary care through pet wellness care options, veterinary surgical services, boarding and pet daycare, and much more.

We offer a non-appointment system designed to complement your busy lifestyle. Simply come in during our doctor’s hours to see the next available veterinarian. You are welcome to call ahead, for the schedule of the doctor of your choice and we will do our best for you to see them. Every member of our veterinary team works closely to provide each patient with prompt attention and extraordinary care at every visit.

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Always Here For You and Your Pet

Our hospital is staffed around the clock, offering overnight observation of sick, post-operative, and boarding pets. This unprecedented level of patient monitoring assures you of the most immediate, high-quality response to your pet’s needs.

In addition, our surgical and intensive care units contain advanced technology and a highly skilled team for the optimum in surgical experience and recovery.

Our Team
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Overnight Observation

A hospitalized pet can take a turn anytime, requiring the attention of a veterinary professional. A sick pet may be lonely or afraid, and that stress can impede recovery. A boarded pet may require assistance or attention after business hours or during the night.

For animals in intensive care, we offer state-of-the-art treatment rooms that serve as the nucleus of our hospital. Patients requiring intensive care, post-surgical recovery, fluid therapy, and oxygen administration are kept in this environment until they are out of danger and recovering well enough to go home. Veterinary assistants frequent this area, administering treatments, taking lab samples, and closely monitoring the condition of every patient.

Whether your pet is recovering from surgery, fighting a serious illness, or simply staying as our boarded guest, access to veterinary attention and quality service is a constant—day and night, 7 days a week. Experience the difference of Naperville Animal Hospital, where our attention and service never ends.

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Pets We Care For

Through the use of advanced veterinary medicine, technology, and superior customer service, The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital are able to provide customized care to meet the unique needs of every pet including exotic and pocket pets. Whether it is your rabbit, guinea pig, parrot, or reptile, we understand their unique health needs in order to give them the best care!

  • Common Household Pets: Cats and Dogs

  • Exotic Pets: Parrots, Canaries, Finches, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Hamsters, Mice, Gerbils, Hedgehogs, Sugar gliders, Ferrets, Chinchillas

  • Reptiles: Turtles, Tortoises, Lizards, Snakes (Non - venomous)

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Helping Orphaned Animals Find A Home

Partnering with local rescue groups is something that Naperville Animal Hospital does on a daily basis! We provide vetting services and help deserving animals find their forever homes by hosting adoption events throughout the year.