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The Pet Experts of Naperville Animal Hospital offer pet lovers the finest in quality pet care and customer service. Our goal is to provide the most complete veterinary care through pet wellness care options, veterinary surgical services, boarding and pet daycare, and much more.

We offer a non-appointment system designed to complement your busy lifestyle. Simply come in during hospital hours to see the next available veterinarian. You are welcome to call ahead, for the schedule of the doctor of your choice. Every member of our veterinary team works closely to provide each patient with prompt attention and extraordinary care at every visit.

Our hospital is staffed around the clock, offering overnight observation of sick, post-operative, and boarding pets. This unprecedented level of patient monitoring assures you of the most immediate, high quality response to your pet’s needs. In addition, our surgical and intensive care units contain advanced technology and a highly skilled team for the optimum in surgical experience and recovery.

The pages in this section will help you get acquainted with us, offering an insider’s view of our staff, our facilities, and our hours:

  • Doctors and Staff—Visit this page to review the credential and experience of these trained professionals. We are proud to offer the finest in small animal companion care!
  • Hospital Tour—Take a virtual walk through Naperville Animal Hospital and envision your pet here, in the comfort and care of our professional team.
  • Careers
    Apply to our latest open positions on our Careers page!
  • Contact Us—Convenient and responsive to the needs of our customers, learn about our schedule 7 days a week, and get directions and contact information.

Expect the extraordinary from Naperville Animal Hospital!

Frequently Asked Questions About Naperville Animal Hospital

Will I see the same veterinarian each time I bring my pet in with your non- appointment system?

That’s up to you! We encourage you to call ahead for a schedule if you want to see and stick with the same doctor. If you don’t make a request, we will put you with our first available doctor to make sure you are seen quickly and efficiently. Our non-appointment system is designed with our clients busy lifestyles in mind, and we will work hard to make sure that your needs are met. Our veterinarians are available 7 days a week!

It seems like it’s always busy here. Are there times when it’s not so busy?

Absolutely! The busiest times are on the weekends and right before the doctors’ hours end at night during the weekdays. The slowest times (and the best times to come in) are during the weekdays, especially from 10 am to 5 pm Of course we know when the busy times are and we are staffed accordingly so that no matter when you come in, the wait time should be minimal.

Is there anyone there overnight to watch my pet?

Yes! We have assistants who are here throughout the night checking on and taking care of not only the hospitalized animals, but also the animals that are here boarding. Should a problem arise during the night, a veterinarian is always on call for any animal that is in the building.

The doctor seems to be recommending a lot of tests that I’m not sure are necessary. Does my pet really need all that?

Our doctors are trained in veterinary school to recommend the best treatment possible for your pet, which unfortunately is oftentimes the most expensive. However, there are always options, and we encourage you to be frank in your discussion with the doctor so that he or she can work out the best individualized treatment plan for your pet. Remember, the final treatment decision is yours, and our doctors understand circumstances vary between individuals and are committed to meeting your needs.

My dog or cat seems to be getting a lot of shots. Are all those really necessary?

Modern medicine has blessed us with lots of options for protecting our pets from some of the most common diseases. What’s right for your pet may not be what’s right for your friend’s or neighbor’s pet, so our staff will discuss your pets’ lifestyle to determine the optimum combination. Remember, the final decision about what goes into your pet is yours. Our job is to inform you about what’s available, and help you make an educated decision.

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Please feel free to walk-in anytime during our open hours!

If you prefer curbside service, please call us at 630-355-5300.

In addition to dogs, cats and pocket pets, did you know we LOVE seeing EXOTIC animals??!!

Give us a call at 630-355-5300 or send us an email at if you're wondering about your exotic pet!

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