Photo by Lachlan Rogers

Kittens are adorable, mischievous, and always entertaining.  Follow the following steps to ensure your new kitten makes a seamless transition into your home:

Baby proof your home

Kittens love to get into trouble.  Be sure to keep dangerous items such as string, ribbon, and small toys put away.  Make sure any houseplants are safe for cats.  Electric cords should also be stowed away from curious teeth.

Introduce slowly to existing pets

Keep your new addition confined to one room at first so that your other pets can grow accustomed to its smell and presence.  Be sure both animals have a way to get away from one another.  All interactions should be supervised until you know how each animal will react to the other.

Help to litter train

Your kitten may require a smaller, shallower litter box than an adult cat at first.  Place him or her in the box after feedings to encourage its use

Provide toys and a scratching post

Be sure to discourage scratching on your personal items and nibbling your finger right away.  Your kitten should have plenty of toys to play with and a place to scratch so that it is not tempted to utilize less desirable items.

Remember, your new kitten’s first exam and distemper vaccine are free! Contact us today to set up an appointment, and be sure to let us know if you have any questions about getting your new friend acclimated.

Having a new kitten is an enjoyable experience; however it is often very easy for your new pet to find trouble. Keep a close eye on your new little bundle of joy to be sure he or she is safe and sound.