Dog begging on ThanksgivingIt’s that time of year again! Sure, you want your pets to take part in the holiday festivities.  Make sure that you aren’t making a post-holiday vet visit, though, by avoiding the following:

  • Turkey bones- What may seem like a tasty treat could end up lodged in your pet’s intestines!
  • Bread dough- Raw bread dough can expand in your pet’s stomach and potentially cause a life-threatening emergency.
  • Raw foods- Pets can get salmonella just like the rest of us.  Undercooked meat and cookie batter are best served cooked.
  • Over-indulgence- While Turkey Day often results in loosening a notch on our belts, pets who have a little too much of a good thing may end up with stomach upset, diarrhea, or more serious conditions.

If your pet does end up eating something that he shouldn’t have, please contact us.