A pet birthday party is a fun way to celebrate your pet

Celebrating milestones and special events is one of the best parts of life, and including our four-legged family members in the fun just makes sense. Sure, while inviting your pet to join in a human celebration is one thing, throwing them their very own party is even better. Pet birthday parties are all the rage, and The Pet Experts couldn’t be more excited to share our ideas for a fun, safe, bark-tastic celebration!

Location, Location, Location

Choosing the right venue is essential to the success of your pet birthday party. A fenced in yard or living room may be appropriate, or you could choose one of the many pet-friendly rental spaces available in our area. Depending on the amount of people and pets on your guest list, some dog-friendly restaurants/pubs may also be willing to make special arrangements for your event.

Choose Your Decor

Fido or Fluffy may not notice the decor, but adorable, pet-themed decorations can add whimsy and delight to any pet celebration. Pinterest and other crafting sites are loaded with ideas for DIY decor, or you can purchase pre-assembled packages online or at a party supply store. Just make sure all decorations are pet-friendly (i.e., no small bits that can be swallowed or string/ribbon that may pose a strangulation hazard).

Menu Planning

No birthday party is complete without a pet-friendly cake! Remember to avoid chocolate, sugar, nuts, and xylitol (a common sugar substitute that’s extremely toxic to pets). Don’t have time to make your own cake or treats? The western suburbs boast several wonderful bakeries that cater to pets, two of our favorites are Two Bostons and Small Cakes.

Creating delicious delicacies for your furry guests is fun, but don’t forget about the two-legged partygoers, as well! Make sure there are plenty of yummy snacks and drinks for both pets and humans.

Bring in the Squad

Invite as many guests as you’d like, just make sure they’re all approved by your pet. Your best friend deserves to share their special day with people and pets with whom they feel comfortable, and you deserve the chance to celebrate your pet without worrying about a fight breaking out or other stressful mishaps that can result when animals don’t get along.

Safety First

Of course, it’s important to note a few pet safety reminders when it comes to your birthday celebration:

  • Make sure that all pets in attendance are up-to-date on their vaccinations and parasite protection.
  • Double check that all gates and doors are locked securely to reduce the chances of an accidental escape. Also update your pet’s microchip before the big day if you haven’t already.
  • Have several bowls of water available at all times to prevent dehydration.
  • Keep all people food away from pets, and make sure other guests do the same.
  • Ensure all pets are supervised at all times, and don’t allow play to get too rough.

Best Pet Birthday Party Ever?

Have you hosted a pet birthday party before? Tell us about it during your pet’s next wellness exam or share pictures on our Facebook  page. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Naperville Animal Hospital with any questions or concerns!