Cat using a computer.

The internet has become the go-to source for most (if not all) of our informational needs, and the world of pet ownership and care has endless sources. As such, we thought it would be fun to list the five most Googled questions about cats, and their corresponding explanations:

Can My Cat Eat…(Fill in the Blank)?

People love to share food with their pets, and cats are extremely convincing when they want to sample something. Dairy is just one of those things that is especially confusing. A saucer of milk or cream has been part of feline lore for eons, but their lactose intolerance can make this type of indulgence a painfully gassy and/or messy one. 

Should cats eat tuna fish, raw meat, cold cuts, nuts, eggs, bread, and more? Aside from feeding your cat high-quality, age-specific food, it’s best to keep treats and/or human offerings to a minimum. Be aware of what’s considered toxic or dangerous, and only offer your cat safe human food items in small, infrequent amounts.

Should My Cat Go Outside?

Keeping  your cat indoors is truly the safest choice. Many cat owners install catios to give their cats the best of both worlds, or train their felines to walk on a leash. There are many great ways to enrich their indoor environment to stimulate both physical and mental fitness.

Cats that go outside may become lost, suffer injuries from moving vehicles, fall, get into fights, contract a deadly disease, pick up parasites, or become victims of larger predators. 

All cats, regardless of their lifestyle, should be up to date with their vaccinations and parasite prevention. Microchips are also part of your cat’s defenses.

Can My Cat Get Sick From Me?

A serious concern for many cat owners is whether or not illnesses can be spread between our species. Certainly, zoonotic diseases are frighteningly real, especially when viewed through the lens of the coronavirus pandemic. 

If you are fighting a virus or bacterial infection, it’s normal to worry about spreading it to your cat. Most human infections will not jump to your cat. However, it’s best to give yourself a big space bubble.

There have been cases of pets contracting COVID-19 from their infected owners, but the risk is considered very low. Always follow public health protocols, and call us for assistance. 

Why Does My Cat Love Boxes?

This is one of the best questions about cats because…no one really knows for sure. Without a doubt, all cardboard boxes appeal to cats. 

Experts believe that cardboard boxes facilitate feelings of safety and security, coziness, and warmth. They can also provide cats with an excellent hiding place until they’re ready to ambush their prey (or your ankles). 

Is Cat Vomit Normal?

While vomiting is never a normal cat behavior, it does happen from time to time, without an obvious or direct cause. 

Hairballs in cats are generally viewed as a part of the territory, especially during high-shedding seasons like spring and fall. Cats aren’t typically bothered by these. However, frequent vomiting can signal GI problems, such as obstruction, or other health issues that should be addressed promptly.

More Questions About Cats?

We know that there will always be questions about cats. That’s why we’re here! If your cat’s behavior or health has you stumped, please give us a call at (630) 355-5300. Our veterinarians are always here for your cat at Naperville Animal Hospital.