Pet yoga at home is a great way to get in some pet exerciseMany devoted yogis and yoginis practice anywhere they can unroll their mats – the beach, the space next to the hotel bed, in an unoccupied office, and, of course, at home. For a seasoned practitioner, it’s easy enough to simply follow a flow that feels right, but there are also many helpful videos online.

Animals have been a constant theme in yoga since its creation. In fact, a large percentage of poses (asanas) have been inspired by their anatomy or actions. While you can now attend public classes that include cats, dogs, goats, horses, and more, there are at least 15 pet yoga poses you can embrace at home.

It’s About the Experience

The Pet Experts firmly believe in the power of meaningful, shared experiences between people and their pets. Pet yoga just happens to fit the bill perfectly. Similar in nature to long walks through the great outdoors or sitting together on a beach, pet yoga provides a peaceful opportunity to bond.

Chillin’ at Home or Out and About

Pet yoga is wonderful anywhere you’re able to practice it. Luckily, our sister hospital, Elmhurst Animal Care Center, offers puppy yoga and cats with mats classes for the community. If you haven’t already, please check out the ways in which they work with Magnificent Mutts and Meows Rescue.

Practicing with adoptable animals usually involves tending to your own practice (that is, moving through inversions and backbends) while the animals move around at their own free will. Watch out – it’s bliss-inducing!

Active Participants in Pet Yoga

If your own four-legged friend shows an interest in what you’re doing on the mat, incorporate them into the practice. Known to improve circulation and mobility and soothe anxiety, pet yoga may quickly become a favorite activity at home.

The Pet Experts offer the top 15 poses with pet yoga in mind:

  1. Downward-Facing Dog
  2. Upward-Facing Dog
  3. Happy Baby Pose
  4. Cat Pose
  5. Cow Pose
  6. Crow Pose
  7. Dolphin Pose
  8. Extended Puppy Pose
  9. Sphinx Pose
  10. Camel Pose
  11. Bow Pose
  12. Bridge Pose
  13. Garland Pose
  14. Hero Pose
  15. Lotus Pose

Feel free to engage your pet however they’re willing or able to join you. Sometimes, pets like to be held and used as weight resistance; others simply try to mimic the movements of their owners. Even if your pet gets bored or distracted along the way, keep the door open for future pet yoga opportunities.

The Pet Experts are convinced that pet yoga is more than just a trend, and we’re thrilled to be able to facilitate such a meaningful and important activity. Be sure to check out Community Involvement page or like our Facebook page to keep up to date with our pet yoga events.  As always, please contact us here at Naperville Animal Hospital with any questions or concerns.