iStock_000012627946_LargeWhen it comes to grooming, cats have it handled, right?

Many pet owners are convinced that cats don’t need extra help in the grooming department since they seemingly come pre-equipped with all the necessary tools. That special tongue, not unlike sandpaper, paired with amazing flexibility and dexterity should be enough for any cat to clean themselves properly; or so we think. However, when it comes to the full spectrum of grooming, cats do need outside help to achieve good health and hygiene.

Since most cats absolutely abhor water and getting wet, the idea of taking them to a professional groomer may seem like a terrible and tortuous idea. But the benefits of professional cat grooming can truly have a far-reaching impact – and your cat may even enjoy the touch of the right groomer.

Besides the clean look and feel of your cat’s professionally groomed fur, regular grooming sessions allow for parasite inspection, checks for potential lumps and bumps, and necessary claw clipping.

Why Do Cats Lick?

As soon as kittens are born, their mother starts to lick them clean. At about 4 weeks old, kittens begin to groom themselves, cultivating good habits for the rest of their lives. They lick to remove dirt and debris, stay cool, and self-soothe. In addition to cleaning themselves, cats will lick and clean the eyes, ears, and coat of other animals they may live with. Cat owners are encouraged to brush their cats’ fur on a regular basis to reduce shedding and the ingestion of fur, but there are some issues that require professional grooming:

  • Fleas and ticks
  • Mats
  • Dandruff
  • Trimming claws

Some cats have longer or thicker fur while others can have greasier coats or more tangles. If your cat has any mats, do not bathe him or her because water will make the mats tighten. As mats dry, they pull on the skin making pets very unhappy and uncomfortable. Also, please do not try to clip your cat’s fur yourself due to their thin skin.

Whatever the condition of your cat’s skin and fur, we are prepared to offer the best and most relaxing professional service – from a special cleansing bath to nail clipping – that will have your kitty feeling lighter and cleaner. We will ensure that your cat’s fur is the best it can be – free of tangles, fleas, or other parasites.

The Whole Cat

Taking care of the whole animal is our goal and to best treat your cat, we emphasize the importance of feline dental care. You may already be well-versed in the art of brushing your cat’s teeth but, if not, we offer dental cleaning in tandem with your cat’s grooming service.

The Benefits Far Outweigh The Yowls

We understand that cats have special needs in the grooming department and we do our best to schedule cats separately from dogs. In addition to brushing and clipping treatments, we use the best bath products that will support your cat’s beautiful fur coat. The results of your cat’s professional grooming experience should include:

  • Fewer hairballs and shedding at home
  • No mats
  • Cleaner eyes, ears, and teeth
  • Fresher smell

Try Us Today!

If your cat is having trouble with his or her fur or you’re convinced that grooming is the next step on the wellness path (it is!), we’d love to help. Try us out with our 50% off first grooming visit coupon. We are paws-itive your cat will be meowing for another experience in no time. Happy grooming!