For a Disease With No Cure, Vaccinating Pets Against Rabies Is Essential

A white dog looking curiously at the camera, sitting in front of a light blue background.

When we discuss important vaccinations for cats and dogs, there are typically questions about the less familiar diseases, such as distemper or Bordetella.

But almost every pet owner unanimously agrees with the mandate to protect pets from rabies. This is easily explained by the fact that prevalent suburban wildlife are known harbingers of this disease. Perhaps most significantly, vaccinating pets against rabies protects the entire family. Now that’s something the Pet Experts can really get on board with!

It’s the Law

Illinois law stipulates that every dog 4 months of age or more be inoculated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian. Furthermore, a second rabies vaccination should be administered within one year of the first. 

A certificate of immunization is issued to each dog, cat, and ferret alongside their microchip number, resident county, and name of veterinarian. 


Wildlife Awareness and Safety

Naperville_Wildlife.docx-0.jpgWhether you are an avid outdoorsman or woman, or prefer to stay in the city sipping a cappuccino on a patio, wildlife is all around. Where once we relied on cities to keep the barrier between us and other species, wildlife awareness is now more important than ever as we are finding many species have successfully adapted to our surroundings. And, with more animals, comes more risk of attack and exposure to disease.

For pet owners, the presence of wildlife can create risky situations when walking pets or even allowing them outdoors. Common urban dwellers, such as coyotes, skunks, and raccoons, are responsible for an increased presence of diseases like rabies and predation in and around cities. Continue…