For a Disease With No Cure, Vaccinating Pets Against Rabies Is Essential

A white dog looking curiously at the camera, sitting in front of a light blue background.

When we discuss important vaccinations for cats and dogs, there are typically questions about the less familiar diseases, such as distemper or Bordetella.

But almost every pet owner unanimously agrees with the mandate to protect pets from rabies. This is easily explained by the fact that prevalent suburban wildlife are known harbingers of this disease. Perhaps most significantly, vaccinating pets against rabies protects the entire family. Now that’s something the Pet Experts can really get on board with!

It’s the Law

Illinois law stipulates that every dog 4 months of age or more be inoculated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian. Furthermore, a second rabies vaccination should be administered within one year of the first. 

A certificate of immunization is issued to each dog, cat, and ferret alongside their microchip number, resident county, and name of veterinarian. 


Maintaining Your Pet Vaccinations and Boosters for Lifelong Wellness

Veterinarian giving injection to a little catPet vaccinations and boosters are an essential part of your four-legged friend’s annual wellness routine. To protect against contagious and sometimes fatal diseases and illnesses, a regular vaccination schedule should be followed.

By vaccinating your pet, you’re protecting his or her lifelong health, as well as the health of your family (in the case of certain zoonotic diseases), and strengthening your pet’s immunity and susceptibility to a number of illnesses and conditions.

Unfortunately, with so much misinformation online and in the media about vaccines, it is even more important to thoroughly discuss your pet’s daily routine, likelihood of exposure, and previous vaccination schedule with your Naperville team before coming to any quick conclusions about pet vaccinations.

At Naperville Animal Hospital, we view preventative care as the foundation for health at all stages of your pet’s life. We encourage you to be vigilant about regular wellness appointments because these allow us to maintain a baseline of information about your pet when healthy so that we can recognize and address risks associated with disease and parasites. Booster shots are also vital to reinforcing the protection of vaccinations, and your pet’s booster needs are taken care of in those important annual exams.

So, what are the core vaccines given to your pet? And, why are they important? Continue…