Is Pet Anxiety Normal When Kids Go Back to School?

Pet anxiety can intensify when kids go to school and your pet is bored.For most pets, the summer is an absolutely wonderful, happy, fun-filled time. It’s so satisfying, in fact, that when it’s over and the kids go back to school, a surreal, confusing reality can set in. To be sure, pet anxiety can be the direct and natural result of an abrupt shift at home, but it doesn’t have to overwhelm the household. Instead, with a few tips from the Pet Experts you can do your part to help your pet continue to feel part of the pack.

Bored? Restless? You Bet.

The family pet may be dreading what the meaning is behind the new shoes, gear, and supplies starting to creep in. They might not know the details of what’s to come, but they’re pretty sure they’re not going to like it. Continue…

Loud Noise Anxiety in Pets and How to Help Them Cope

Naper_iStock_000026309122_LargeDid you know noise anxiety is one of the most common forms of anxiety and phobias in pets? It is estimated that 10 million dogs suffer from noise related fear, and the same for many cats, yet it can often seem as there is no escaping noise….

Whether it comes from the loud clap of a summertime storm or the festival spray of seasonal fireworks, noise is everywhere. And, let us not forget road repair season, construction season, and the general cacophony of summertime fun.

So, how do you shield your stressed out pet from the ensuing stress? And how do you recognize when mild anxiety turns into a phobia that requires behavioral assistance? Let’s explore… Continue…