The Shy Pet

Naper_iStock_000029790470_XXXLargeYou may know this scene all too well: your friend stops by for a visit and suddenly your lap cat is nowhere to be found… Or, perhaps you find that your sweet pup is cowering behind you whenever a new person walks by and offers a smile. Whatever the scenario, a shy pet can prove to be a challenge for many pet owners. Unfortunately, if left unchecked, that shyness may eventually develop into crippling phobias and serious anxiety.

Since many of us choose to adopt our pets (thank-you!), Fluffy or Fido may come to us with unknown backgrounds and behavioral challenges resulting from his or her abandonment or life on the street.

Thankfully, there are many affirming, effective methods you can use to help your shy pet ease out into the world and eventually learn to enjoy the experiences that once frightened him or her. Continue…


Puppies ready for training

With spring well on its way, everyone—human and animal alike—is looking to get outdoors and play. After being cooped up all winter, the sunshine and warm weather are irresistible. It’s only natural that you want to take your puppy out for a run or a game of fetch at the local dog park.

Without proper obedience training though, your day in the sun can quickly turn into a power struggle between you and your pooch. Continue…