Pet Hospital Lobby Etiquette: It’s Real and It Matters

Pet Hospital Lobby Etiquette is a real thing!

For the most part, pet owners are intuitive and respectful when it comes to other people and animals, but we all find ourselves in tricky situations every once in a while. For example, it’s not uncommon for tensions to percolate in the hospital waiting area. Whether your pet gets a little nosy with others or feels frightened by such alarmingly close proximity to strangers, a bit of pet hospital lobby etiquette may come in handy for your next visit.


A Year in Review at Naperville Animal Hospital: Our Top 10 Pet Care Blogs of 2018

Veterinary Technicians are the backbone of veterinary care in Naperville, IL

You know when you’re looking back at something that happened in the recent past, and you just can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed? On one hand, nostalgia triggers memories that make us feel like a significant event or experience occurred only moments ago. But when we’re faced with a “before and after” snapshot, we can see the difference – and feel it, too. This is never more apparent than at the end of each year.

As we close out 2018, Naperville Animal Hospital would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the previous 12 months. It’s proven to be a busy year for all of us, and we continue to feel grateful to share in your pet’s journey. Whether you have a young pet at home, or care for an aging senior, our goal is to provide relevant and helpful information in our bi-weekly pet care blogs.

The Pet Experts wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to you our ever-growing community of pet owners and animal lovers. Thank you for reading our pet care blogs. Here is a sampling of some of our most popular topics.


Outbreak 2015: The Update on Canine Influenza & Kennel Cough

dog under a blanket on whiteIf you are a dog owner and have been paying much attention to the media, you have probably heard about the recent canine influenza/kennel cough outbreak affecting dogs in the Chicagoland area. Read on to learn what you need to know about your dog and the 2015 outbreak.

Traditional Kennel Cough

The occasional kennel cough outbreak affects all kennels and boarding facilities. This highly contagious upper respiratory disease is an infectious tracheobronchitis that affects dogs specifically. Many viruses and bacteria can combine to result in the disease, making each outbreak a little bit different. Continue…

Blogging Down the New Year: Naperville Animal Hospital’s Top 10 Blogs of 2014

kittenWe’ve covered fleas and ticks. We’ve covered laser therapy. We’ve covered allergies, and Lyme disease, and how to make the road trip with Rover a success. Throughout the year, we have focused on some of the most pressing, important issues when it comes to pet care and ensuring a healthy, well-behaved pet. And, we appreciate your dedicated readership, questions, and feedback.

We thought a sort of “blog in review” would be a great way to wind down a fantastic, eventful year. With that in mind, these are the year’s most read blogs. We hope you enjoy them again – or for the first time, if you missed a few. Continue…

Gifts that Keep On Giving: The Importance of Charitable Donations to Animal Causes

iStock_000024726165_LargeThroughout the year, animal shelters, rescue groups, animal welfare organizations, and other animal-friendly nonprofits help save and improve the lives of animals throughout the nation and the world. These organizations work on limited funds and with many dedicated volunteers, so money can be spent helping more animals in need.

As we consider our own pets and how much we love them, let us consider opening our hearts to the millions of animals worldwide who also need compassionate animal defenders to lend a hand. After all, who can look into the eyes of a beloved pet and not appreciate how much our pets bring to our lives every day?

Although monetary donations are sorely needed to help manage the cost of day-to-day operations, veterinary care, food, supplies, and other necessities involved in rescuing animals, there are myriad ways you can be of assistance. Here are but a few powerful ways you can support animals this season (and year-round). Continue…

The Benefits of Taking Your Cat To The Groomer

iStock_000012627946_LargeWhen it comes to grooming, cats have it handled, right?

Many pet owners are convinced that cats don’t need extra help in the grooming department since they seemingly come pre-equipped with all the necessary tools. That special tongue, not unlike sandpaper, paired with amazing flexibility and dexterity should be enough for any cat to clean themselves properly; or so we think. However, when it comes to the full spectrum of grooming, cats do need outside help to achieve good health and hygiene.

Since most cats absolutely abhor water and getting wet, the idea of taking them to a professional groomer may seem like a terrible and tortuous idea. But the benefits of professional cat grooming can truly have a far-reaching impact – and your cat may even enjoy the touch of the right groomer.

Besides the clean look and feel of your cat’s professionally groomed fur, regular grooming sessions allow for parasite inspection, checks for potential lumps and bumps, and necessary claw clipping. Continue…

What is a Pet Emergency?

calling the vetEmergencies are an unfortunate aspect of pet ownership. No one wants to have to deal with a sick or injured pet, but being prepared for these situations is important so that we can help you to help your pet.

Sometimes it is difficult to know if a situation is even an emergency. Take a few minutes to be sure you know what pet problems need to be seen urgently and how to handle them.

How to Know if a Pet Problem is Urgent

It can be difficult to know if a problem with your pet needs immediate attention or if it can wait. Some problems should be evaluated without delay. These include: Continue…

October is a Perfect Time to Adopt A Shelter Pet

Dog in a Car Window and enjoy road tripOf the 70 million homes across the United States, 63% of those provide love, companionship, nurturing, nutrition, and safety to at least one pet. Those numbers seem to tell a happy story of successful pet partnership in a country that loves and respects companion animals.

However, in the animal shelters and rescues across the U.S., a different story is unfolding. There are approximately 5,000 shelters nationwide that provide safety for the 5 million homeless, lost, or abandoned animals each year. If those animals are not either reunited with his or her owner, adopted, or placed with another adoption facility or foster home, they will likely face euthanasia.

To bring awareness to the plight of shelter animals, join the national movement to Adopt A Shelter Pet during the month of October. There are many ways you can get involved if you aren’t able to adopt a pet and we’ll share how. Continue…

Keeping Older Pets Active

Running purebred dogOur pets are living longer than ever, and it’s no accident. Pets today have better nutrition, preventative care, and treatment options than they ever have before.

As our beloved pets age, though, they often require extra care. They need to visit the veterinarian more frequently and may need additional help through medications, laser therapy, physical therapy, or pet massage to feel well or truly thrive. They may also need special accommodations to stay active.

Why Keeping Older Pets Active Matters

Keeping your senior citizen moving is important, but do you know why? Maintaining an active lifestyle for senior pets has many benefits, including: Continue…

Emergency Pet Care You Can Count On

Female Veterinary Surgeon Treating Dog In SurgeryAs you know, accidents and unexpected illness can strike at any time, and the same is true for our pets.To help you and your four-legged friend through any pet emergency, Naperville Animal Hospital’s emergency pet care services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in order to provide emergency veterinary services to the pets in our community, no matter what.

Pet emergencies come in many forms, whether it’s a dogfight, a car accident, the accidental ingestion of something poisonous, frostbite, or heat stroke, it seems as if there is a potential pet emergency no matter the time of year, or the breed you own.

We know that your pet’s health is important to you, and it is equally important to us. That’s why Naperville Animal Hospital provides pet emergency services that utilize the latest diagnostic and surgical techniques and equipment in order to treat your pet, no matter the circumstances. Continue…