Kidney Disease in Cats: A Common Catastrophe

When it comes to anatomy and physiology, it is important that all parts work together in harmony. When one piece of the puzzle is missing, the others often begin to crumble as well.

Any part of our body can fail at any time, but some are more prone to doing so than others. For cats in particular, the kidney is especially at risk of having major problems. 

The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital love caring for your pets, and we know how much you love them as well. Seeing kidney disease in cats is a frequent occurrence at our hospital and one we are prepared to help our pet parents navigate.


Naperville Animal Hospital Loves Your Cat!

iStock_000001064221_MediumAt Naperville Animal Hospital, we know you love your cat and want the very best for your fancy feline. Cats have a special survival skill of hiding illness. Combined with the challenge of getting some cats into their carriers, we try to make your visit a positive one and make it easier to give your kitty the care he or she needs.

We’re cat lovers, too, and we know that cats need a little special TLC when it comes to veterinary care. Stress is no fun for humans and animals alike; and our cat-friendly environment helps ensure that your kitty gets the care he or she needs without the anxiety.

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