iStock_000021470999_LargeIf you do an Internet search for “DIY dog toys,” you’ll get thousands of hits. It’s easy to start clicking around and before you know it, the Late Show is on and it’s time to hit the hay. Because we value your time – and want your dog to have the safest toys available – the pet experts culled through the endless number of results to offer you this list of effective DIY dog toys.

Save the Dough

We’re all trying to save money and reduce waste. If you’re constantly having to replace your dog’s toys, this can end up costing you financially, as well as environmentally. Instead, save your hard-earned paycheck by getting creative and crafty.

Enter: DIY Dog Toys

You may find that you already have most or all of what you need in order to create your own dog toys. Some of our favorites include:

  • Sock Toys – While you don’t want your dog to see every sock as a potential toy, repurposing old tube socks can mean lots of fun and games for your pooch. Stuff a sock with other balled-up socks or a tennis ball and let the games begin! You could also freeze wet knotted-up socks and give them to your dog to chew on. Please supervise your dog to make sure he or she doesn’t eat any socks.
  • Plastic Water Bottles – Take recycling to a whole different level! Wrap an empty plastic water bottle inside a sock, old shirt, or other fabric. Tie the ends or sew a seam around the bottle. When chewed or tossed around, the crinkly plastic sound is very enticing to dogs.
  • Ropes! – You can really get into knots and design features with any kind of rope, although we like products made with natural fiber. Check out this woven rope dog bone , rope spider, or sweet potato and jute rope chew toy.
  • Braided Toys – Clean out your closet and make this braided dog toy. So colorful, creative, and fun!

The Need for Play

A major part of your dog’s wellness includes a healthy dose of physical and mental stimulation. Try to engage your pet in fun activities every week (consider making a version of this bottle spinner). This not only adds to his or her vitality, but can also prevent obesity and help with weight management.

Safety First

If you’re concerned about DIY dog toys when you’re not home, keep them stored away until you and your dog are together. All toys should be free of choking hazards and potential entanglements.

The health and wellness of your puppy or senior pet is very important to us. Please contact Naperville Animal Hospital with any questions or if have your own suggestions for DIY dog toys.

Play well and play happy!