Keeping your pet’s teeth pearly white is an important (and oftentimes overlooked) component of responsible pet ownership.  Many pets never receive any dental care at all, but all pets can benefit from a comprehensive dental care plan.  This includes the following components:

  • Annual oral exam

Starting around the age of 1 year, all pets should undergo a complete dental examination to find and address any problems.  By examining your pet’s teeth, gums, and oral cavity thoroughly under general anesthesia we can be sure that we don’t miss anything.

  • Periodic comprehensive dental cleanings

Most of us visit the dentist multiple times per year.  We recommend that pets receive a dental cleaning including ultrasonic tooth scaling, polishing and a fluoride treatment under general anesthesia.  For many pets this needs to be on a yearly basis.   Each pet’s individual needs should be discussed at their yearly examination.

  • Home dental care

This is important as well!  You can help aid your pet’s dental health at home by utilizing prescription dental care diets, recommended toys and treats, and by brushing your pet’s teeth regularly (daily is recommended).  To brush your pet’s teeth use a veterinary or soft toothbrush with an angled head.  Never use human toothpaste but rather an enzymatic veterinary toothpaste.  At first you should start slowly to avoid upsetting your pet- make tooth brushing a positive experience!  If you need help or more information or a demonstration, please let us know.

By providing your pet with the above preventive dental care measures, you are taking an active role in reducing the incidence of dental disease in your best friend and keeping that smile around for years to come.