pet photosPhotographing animals can feel like an exercise in futility. Indeed, so much personality can be lost between experiencing the moment and capturing it for posterity – but your coinciding frustration doesn’t have to be the only guiding force. Not only can you snap beautiful images of your beloved pet, but it can also be a fulfilling opportunity to bond with your furry best friend. The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital have put our heads together for the best tips and tricks for compelling and natural pet pictures. Ready? 3, 2, 1…cheese!

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

When you see your pet looking indescribably cute, it’s normal to want to take a few pictures. We’re lucky to be able to snap away on our phones or digital cameras, but even when programmed for “action,” pet pictures can still come out blurry. Try setting your camera to burst mode and discard the shots that don’t accurately depict your pet’s distinct personality and character.

Before You Begin

If you’re setting up a pet photo shoot, make sure everyone starts off in a relaxed and calm mood. A key to great pet pictures is to allow the animal to lead you to moments in which they feel happy, content, and entertained. Remember to be patient; getting the right shot can take time for your pet to open up and just be themselves.

The Light

Taking pet pictures outdoors can offer some truly beautiful memories. Ample bright, natural light – paired with open space – will create a portrait you won’t soon forget. Give your pet lots of room and use a proper lens that allows you to zoom in on your furry subject.

Good Motivators

Having a variety of your pet’s favorite treats on hand can make all the difference between a lackluster shoot and a phenomenal one. You can use the treats to focus your pet’s gaze and reward them for the behavior you’re looking for. Let your pet know you have them and then conceal them for the right expressions you’re hoping to capture.

Have Fun!

Staged pet pictures are nice, but you might also consider playing with your pet as you snap away. Have fun running, jumping, and smiling all the while. Get down on your pet’s level and shoot on your back or belly for some fun angles. The shots you’ll end up with will be full of your pet’s lively energy.

Practice Makes Perfect

The good news is that as a devoted amateur photographer, you’ll never be without a wonderful model. Your pet is probably willing most of the time to be captured by your camera, and in turn, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t. You’ll soon develop an eye for composition, exposure, and the many ways to capture your pet’s handsomeness, athleticism, or downright silliness.

Enjoy Your Pet Pictures

You’ll be ready for Instagram in no time if you focus on ways to frame your pet’s character and personality. If you have additional questions or concerns about taking pet pictures, please don’t hesitate to let The Pet Experts know. We’re always here for you!