pet hairWhile some of us wish for long, flowing tresses, this sentiment is often lost on our pet owner friends who struggle with their pets’ chronic shedding. In fact, over 72% of pet owners state that one of the major challenges of pet ownership is pet hair on furniture, rugs, and clothing.

From sweeping up the never-ending furballs, to stashing dozens of lint brushes around the house, when it comes to pet hair there is ample reason to wonder: why all the shedding?

Although there will probably never be a time when your sofa or slacks are free from pet fur, there are several ways you can help avoid the onslaught of a furry mess; and The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital are here to help!

7 Ways to Alleviate Excess Pet Hair

  1. Professional grooming – Your first line of defense when it comes to shedding, as well as the good health of your pet, is grooming. Depending on your pet’s coat and length, regular grooming can help control shedding and take care of your pet’s skin, coat, and nail condition. And Naperville Animal Hospital’s Bubbly Spa Grooming will have your pet feeling, looking, and smelling great! Your wallet will be happy too with every other grooming session is 50% off.
  2. Bathing at home – Bathing your pet every few weeks (or more, depending on breed) can relieve some of the excess hair and help to keep your pet’s coat shiny and conditioned. Give us a call for recommended shampoos and conditioners, or ask us at your pet’s next appointment.
  3. Brushing – Another good way to minimize those stray hairs is through daily brushing. Brushing is a wonderful way to bond with your pet each day! Consider a higher quality brush or comb like the Furminator.
  4. Slipcovers – To protect your sofa or chairs from the mess, we recommend sturdy slipcovers which can be removed each week or two and laundered.
  5. Vacuum and sweep – Combating stray hairs requires vacuuming your house at least once a week with a vacuum designed for tough pet hairs, along with a with HEPA filter. Tile and wood surfaces are typically the better choice for pet-friendly flooring, as dander and fur stubbornly remain on carpets.
  6. Lint brush, tape, and other tools – Getting up stubborn strays require some creative things around the house and on clothing. These include lint brushes and rollers, and wet washcloths and packing tape, (for wiping down fabric).
  7. Filters – Change furnace filters often since hair and dander can clog it up quickly and disseminate these furballs and dust across the home every time the furnace kicks on.
  8. Nutrition and supplements – A poor diet can greatly impact how much a pet is shedding and coat condition, as well as any underlying health issues. Keep your pet’s regular wellness exams and inquire with us should you see any changes to your pet’s coat quality.
  9. Furnishings – While eradicating all of the pet hairs on your couch is never an outcome, one way you can keep from noticing is by avoiding conflicting color schemes that contrast with your pet’s hair. A white kitty paired with a black sofa, or vice-versa, can be an eyesore. Certain types of furnishings and fabric are also less pet fur friendly than others.
  10. Attire – Like furniture, you can also avoid clashing with your best fur pal by adopting a new wardrobe that detracts from the fur, rather than attracts.

Because most pets shed any time of year, being proactive by taking these steps will help to banish the bulk of the mess. If we can be of any assistance, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our professional groomers, please call us!