Are you still making your list and checking it twice?

If you are still on the hunt for the perfect holiday gift for your pet this year, make sure to take the following suggestions into account. After all, who deserves the absolute perfect present more than your faithful friend?

Gift Ideas For Your Pet

Treats–Treats can make great gifts, but use some discretion when choosing them. Have you heard about the kidney problems that have been occurring with jerky treats? Steer clear of these. Sometimes homemade gifts are the best kind. There are a lot of great ideas and recipes for treats that you can make at home for your pets. This way you know exactly what you are getting.

white puppy with a gift in pawsToys–Use discretion when purchasing toys. If your pet is apt to rip apart or eat toys, perhaps the festive stuffed gingerbread men at the pet store are not your best option. Look for indestructible chew toys or interactive treat-dispensing toys. These will last a long time and provide your pet with hours of entertainment.

Food–Overindulgence is no gift. People food can upset the digestive system and even cause a potentially life-threatening condition called pancreatitis. Many foods that we eat on a routine basis are also potentially toxic to pets. Extra calories are not always a good thing, either. Just like people, overweight pets are at increased risk for osteoarthritis, diabetes, cancer, and decreased life expectancy. Consider taking your pet for an extra walk or spend time playing with a toy instead. A laser pointer for your cat to chase, a dog park membership, or catnip can make great stocking stuffers as well.

Clothes–Holiday-themed pet clothes may be cute, but many pets don’t enjoy wearing them. Improperly fitted clothes can even cause them to be injured. A better fashion accessory can be a new properly fitted collar, updated identification tags, or a microchip to help your pet find its way home should it ever be separated from you.

Care–Give your pet the gift of health. Instead of spending money on fancy toys and treats that will soon be forgotten, be sure that your pet’s basic medical needs are met. Have you been putting off purchasing heartworm preventative, updating vaccines, or doing that dental procedure your vet recommended? Now is the perfect time. Your pet may not think that they appreciate it, but they will thank you later.

Time–Finally, most pets appreciate your attention more than anything you could buy. Sometimes the best gifts involve no money at all, just a little old-fashioned quality time.