This year during the week of October 14th we are celebrating an important part of your pet’s healthcare team- the veterinary technician.  Do you know what a vet tech does?

  • Veterinary technicians have completed an accredited two-year degree while veterinary technologists have completed an accredited four-year degree.
  • Vet techs have to pass an exam to earn the license and must complete continuing education requirements to maintain that license.
  • While the veterinarian diagnoses pets, prognoses their diseases, performs surgeries, and prescribes medications, a licensed vet tech can (and often does!) do everything else.
  • Veterinary technicians can earn specialties in areas such as anesthesia, dentistry, internal medicine, surgery, emergency and critical care, and many others.

Veterinary technicians are an integral part of your pet’s care.  Take this opportunity to recognize them!  Express your thanks or share your story about how a vet tech helped your pet in the comments section below.