iStock_000001064221_MediumAt Naperville Animal Hospital, we know you love your cat and want the very best for your fancy feline. Cats have a special survival skill of hiding illness. Combined with the challenge of getting some cats into their carriers, we try to make your visit a positive one and make it easier to give your kitty the care he or she needs.

We’re cat lovers, too, and we know that cats need a little special TLC when it comes to veterinary care. Stress is no fun for humans and animals alike; and our cat-friendly environment helps ensure that your kitty gets the care he or she needs without the anxiety.

Some of the cat-friendly offerings we have at Naperville Animal Hospital include:

  • A calm and quiet waiting area
  • Separate boarding areas (away from our canine guests), with a play area for exercise
  • Separate medical boarding for postoperative care and extended treatment
  • Wellness Care Packages designed especially for cats and kittens ( call us for more information!)

But it’s not just the cat-friendly environment we strive to create that makes Naperville Animal Hospital a great choice for your cat’s care. We’re also dedicated to partnering with you to keep your cat healthy and happy throughout his or her life.

Cat Wellness Is Important

Cat wellness and preventative care are the cornerstone of your cat living a long and healthy life. While there may be times in your cat’s life where emergency or critical care is called for, regular wellness appointments can help reduce the chances of your cat needing costly  veterinary care throughout his or her lifetime.

Our staff will work with you to monitor and maintain your cat’s health at every life stage. This includes wellness basics such as annual exams and having your cat spayed or neutered, as well as making sure that your kitty is up-to-date with routine vaccinations, parasite preventatives, pet dental health, and the labwork critical for early disease detection.

In an effort to make your cat’s wellness care affordable, we have developed in-house preventative care plans specific to your cat’s life stage, and partner with a number of pet insurance companies, too.

Cats in Crisis

In addition to our wellness options for cats, the veterinary team is also capable of handling any emergency or critical care that your cat might need, too. From patching up your cat after a car accident to removing foreign objects from your curious cat’s GI tract, our team is up for the task of helping your cat through the worst of times, as well as the best.

If you have any questions about your cat’s health, or if you’d like more information about Naperville Animal Hospital’s preventative care plans, please give us a call.