Naperville_iStock_000031368124_LargeDog lovers are often found toting their dogs in bicycle baskets or trailers, enjoying meals on cafe patios, and running errands together. Our culture has unabashedly embraced the symbiotic dynamic between humans and canines, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your pet is invited – or welcome – everywhere.

Take, for example, the ubiquitous outdoor summer fête. One could naturally assume that your pooch would be a welcome (not to mention gracious) guest, but the raised eyebrows of your host or hostess could indicate the opposite. While you know your pet will easily break the ice, behave beautifully, and entertain all, you’ll need to be on point throughout the affair to minimize accidents, insults, or both.

Follow our recommended summer party pet safety rules, and be sure to check your inbox for repeat party invitations.

Raise Your Glass To Summer Party Pet Safety

Once you’ve received the green light from your hosts, get your pet ready. It’s a great idea to exercise your pet prior to attending a social affair, as pent-up energy can be a source of trouble. Physical exertion will not only tucker your pooch out, but may minimize outgoing behavior that other guests find distracting, such as jumping, barking, and even possible escapes. Additionally:

  • Check on your pet’s tags, collar, and update his or her microchip information, if needed
  • Remain by your pet’s side throughout the party
  • Closely monitor all his or her interactions with others and directly supervise behavior around children
  • Do not let your dog run loose, trample the garden, or chew on any surrounding greenery
  • Keep his or her favorite toys or treats on hand
  • Keep him or her away from party food, and restrict taste tests of even the smallest nibbles
  • Alcohol is poisonous to your dog; make sure his or her thirst is quenched with abundant fresh water during the party (you may want to consider bringing along a travel bowl)
  • If you notice that your dog is showing signs of tiredness or overstimulation, either leave the party together, or set him or her down in a cozy spot away from all the action (but never in your car!)

Expect The Best From Your Pet

Your pet’s manners will reflect on you, and overlooking party pet safety requirements is a major no-no. If your dog hasn’t already participated in training, it’s highly recommended that he or she learn some basic commands in order to safely share parties together. Other elements of training that can be applied at social events can include teaching your dog how to properly behave around other people – and other pets. Lots of people may not enjoy being jumped on, licked, or repeatedly hit with a wagging tail.

Possibly the worst party faux pas is poorly timed urination or defecation in the presence of others. Be prepared! Always bring the required materials to surreptitiously clean up after your pet. Alternatively, if you notice your dog is preparing to mark territory, lead him or her to an approved area, away from the party’s center stage.

Who Invited The Dog?

Many loving dog owners attempt to incorporate their four-legged friend into as many experiences as possible. Some take their dog with them as often as possible because the dog suffers terribly from separation anxiety, or he or she needs extra TLC due to health issues related to age. Even if you take your dog with you just because you adore him or her, know that those around your pet will expect his or her behavior (and yours in relation to your pet) to be well-behaved and courteous of others.

The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital hope that your pet is the toast of every party you attend this summer. Please let us know if you have further questions on summer party pet safety and, above all, enjoy your time together!