In the midst of Valentine’s Day, sometimes it is easy to forget our furry loves.  Make it a point to celebrate Love Your Pet Day this Wednesday, February 20th!  Here are a few ideas on how to spoil your pet and make them feel special all day long:

  • Treats

Try mixing a little wet food into your pet’s kibble for a special treat (don’t overdo it if they are not used to getting it!) or make a trip to your local pet store for a new toy.  If you are feeling ambitious, consider making your own treats.  There are many good recipes on the internet.  Try making tuna pops or cheesy bacon biscuits! 

  • Pampering

While it may not be your pet’s idea of a fun day, think of how good they will feel after having a bath and brush out and/or their nails trimmed.  Do it yourself or make an appointment with our groomer.  Make him or her feel extra special with a bow or bandanna.  It is also a good time of year to make sure your pet’s health needs are taken care of.  Consider updating vaccines if needed, providing parasite preventative as recommended, or scheduling that dental cleaning while you’re here

  • Attention

Your pet may not want a bath, but surely they won’t mind if you shower them with affection!  Spend some time going for a nice long walk, teaching him or her a new trick, or just petting.  Your pet may enjoy a nice massage as well!

  • Spread the word!

Use your Facebook page or Twitter account to tell the world how much you love your pet! Or post to our page and tell us how you celebrated Love Your Pet Day.

Show your non-human soul mate how you really feel this week!  Of course you love them every day of the year, but make sure that you take advantage of this day (or this week) to really let them know it.