We all want to include our pets in the festivities of the season.  For many, this includes dressing them in the many cute costumes that are marketed for dogs and cats.  Unfortunately, sometimes the concern for safety gets lost in these good intentions.

Some pets just do not tolerate wearing costumes.  If your pet seems distressed, anxious, or upset when wearing his/her costume, it may be best to find an alternative.  Festive collars, cute bandanas, or even holiday-themed bows can be just as fun.  Also, be sure your pet’s costume allows your pet to move, sit, and breathe freely.  Never leave your pet unattended in a costume and be sure all pieces of the costume are non-toxic and do not have any choking hazards.  Find other ways to include your pets in the holiday celebrations that don’t include costume-wearing and make this Halloween as enjoyable for your them as it is for you!