Autumn westieAfter a particularly hot summer, the cool evening temps, the crisp air, and the allure of all those cozy sweaters means a changes in seasons is upon us. We may even start to feel a resurgence of energy when it comes to planning fall activities with your pet, now that the weather is so mild.

From beautiful outdoor hikes to enjoying a hayride, there are many autumnal excursions you can make to get into the seasonal spirit with your pet companion.

7 Great Things to do with Your Dog This Autumn

Whether you are a party planner or an outdoor enthusiast, there are several cool ideas for pet inclusion this season. Just be sure to plan ahead, especially when travel is involved. Pack extra water, food, snacks, dog doo bags, and other pet needs.

If your entertainment is in a public place, definitely call ahead to get an update on any pet regulations or changes to pet rules as to avoid disappointment and danger.

And, if your idea of fun involves nature, make sure those vaccinations and parasite preventives are current.

  1. Sports – Fall often means cold bleachers and cheering on your favorite team. Many outdoor sports events are dog welcoming, as long as your pooch is leashed and well behaved. Evening events are particularly nice – just bring a blanket and your favorite beverage, along with your dog’s favorite snack for some hometown pride.
  2. Backyard shindigs – Sweater weather, a nice deck, a fire, and all your favorite pet parents and pets gathering together…What’s not to love?
  3. New dog parks – When was the last time you took your canine walking buddy to a new dog park? Check out the metro area’s extensive number of parks and dog parks and offer your pup new sights and smells (and pals).
  4. Costume parties – Halloween is around the corner and pet costume parties are a wonderful way to include your cat, dog, or – heck, why not – Guinea pig in a fur friendly celebration.
  5. Fall leaf viewing – Does anyone ever get tired of the beautiful autumn leaves, shimmering in shades of gold, amber, and crimson? Take a stroll with your dog along the Riverwalk or simply go for a drive with your pet to the countryside for some serious fall foliage.
  6. Small town fun – Love to walk around old historic districts? Get your small town Americana fix by choosing a Main Street or two to walk – great exercise and a good way to include your best friend in the enjoyment. Just be sure to scoop the poop!
  7. Festivals – Corn festivals, pumpkin festivals, arts and crafts fairs, roadside swap meets…this is the time of year for outdoor festivals, and some of these are pet friendly as long as your dog is leashed. Fresh air and exercise, caramel corn and country crafts…You may also want to see if your local animal shelter or rescue is planning to have a booth at any of these and offer to volunteer.

No matter what you and your pet embark upon this fall, keep his or her safety top-of-mind by having your pet microchipped, keeping ID tags current, and bringing along the leash.

For seasonal parties involving food, remember many of our delicious edibles and drinks can be toxic to a cat or dog. Supervise your pet during all parties and gatherings. In addition, it is important to remain vigilant in protecting your pet from influenza and canine colds. Be aware of coughing dogs and make sure to bring in your pet if any signs of a cold/flu should appear.

Have a wonderful, colorful autumn from The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital!