Bored dog looking out the windowDoes this weather have your pup feeling blue?  As Old Man Winter settles in, most pooches get less exercise due to plummeting temperatures and early sunsets.  Here are a few ideas to banish the winter blahs once and for all!

  • Teach an old dog new tricks
    No matter how well trained your dog is, there is something he can learn.  Head to the library and check out one of the many books loaded with ideas for new tricks, or work on some oldies but goodies like roll over or shake.  Your dog will appreciate the quality time.
  • Head back to class
    Many obedience schools have indoor facilities where your pet can brush up on their manners, take part in agility, or become certified as a Canine Good Citizen.  Activities like these not only burn off some steam, but help your dog be the best he can be!
  • Bundle up and brave the great outdoors
    Break out the hats and gloves (and dog booties and coats if appropriate) and enjoy the weather. Most dogs love to romp around in the snow, and you’ll get some exercise, too.
  • Have a snuggle session
    Sometimes nothing beats curling up with a good movie, some popcorn, and your favorite pet (or pets)!
  • Play a game
    Many pets will get hours of enjoyment out of a new interactive toy or playing a round of hide-and-seek with their owner or a special treat.
  • Make it a date
    Does your dog have any canine friends that it might enjoy visiting?  Or maybe he would like to spend the day with us, playing with the other dogs at our doggie daycare?  Dogs that enjoy social activities often love a little time with their puppy pals.

So worry no more… there is plenty for you and your dog to do over the winter months.  And even better, spring is right around the corner!