black cat safety

The black cat is often displayed as a symbol of Halloween, but cats and Halloween don’t always go together so well. In fact, the holiday is full of dangers for the average house cat.

Make yourself aware of the common Halloween hazards so that you can keep your family pet safe and sound with a cat-friendly Halloween.


During trick-or-treating you are probably opening your door frequently or even leaving it open. You are probably distracted by cute kids and candy, while your cat is likely stressing about the increased activity and scary costumes. Stressed, scared cats are more likely than normal to make a mad dash for the door, and you are more likely than normal to be too distracted to notice. Try to ensure that your cat is in a secure location during trick-or-treating hours.  It is also wise to make sure your pet is wearing identification and is micro-chipped.

Spooky decorations

“Curiosity killed the cat,” and new, interesting objects such as candles, glow sticks, and fake spider webs may appear to be fun toys and tasty treats. Electrical cords from holiday decorations can also be dangerous if your cat decides to chew on them or becomes tangled up in them. Try not to put holiday decorations in areas that your cat has access to and secure all cords.


Sure, your cat may look adorable dressed up as a little devil, but costumes can be stressful for pets. Consider a festive collar or bandanna instead. If you do choose to dress your cat for the holiday, be sure that it does not restrict movement, vision, or breathing and does not have any easily chewed-off parts. You should never leave your cat unattended while he or she is dressed in costume.

Tricks and treats

Halloween goodies are a real danger for cats.  Chocolate, especially baking and dark chocolate, is a serious hazard for cats. Candy wrappers can also be tempting danger for curious cats.