Cat Sleeping by a WindowIf you are like The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital, you probably enjoy a good smile every day from the animal posts that flood your newsfeed on social media.

Over the year, a few animal Instagrams have made it to the top of our list, and we wanted to share our favorites with you!

A Little Inspiration

If you need a reminder that your challenges in life don’t make you any less capable, you need only to look to the animal kingdom for some inspiration. We often refer to the sweet Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux to help us remember how special we are.

This very special cat from New Orleans was born without her front legs, but still manages to live life to the fullest. You can’t help but smile when you see her Instagram posts.

We All Need a Little Love

We love to look into the world of Yogurt the Pirate Dog, an adorable one-eyed Chihuahua from Bangkok with a penchant for maritime flair. This cute face that only a mother (and the rest of the world) could love warms our hearts and bears the reminder that we are all deserving of love.

Following Trends

If you love drinking craft beer and wearing ironic clothing, this one’s for you! Born with a too-perfect mustachioed puss, Hamilton the Hipster Cat is the essence of cool. We love the fact that Hamilton hails from a rescue, helping to promote pet adoption among animal lovers.

Selfie King of Animal Instagrams

Who doesn’t love a good selfie? Norman the Pug sure knows how to take one. He literally floods our feed with classic selfies that never fail to make our day.  We love to follow Norm’s shenanigans and relish in all of his expressions.

Charitable Friends

Lil BUB is one of our favorite Instagram sensations. The runt of a feral cat litter with multiple genetic defects, this kitty is not only adorable but has generated a lot of charity. Together with her dude, she has helped to found Lil BUB’s Big FUND for the ASPCA to help special needs pets, and has generated over $300,000. What’s not to love?

In the day-to-day monotony of life, we can all use a little extra cheer. That is why we consider animal Instagrams good for our souls. These adorable, inspirational critters bring smiles to so many faces every day.

Do you have a favorite Instagram account to share? We would love to hear who your favorites are. If you haven’t yet, be sure to also follow us on Instagram!