… is worth a pound of cure!  At Naperville Animal Hospital, we truly believe this old adage.  Preventive veterinary care is defined as care that prevents or slows illness or disease.  Who wouldn’t want that?  That is why we offer convenient, affordable preventive care packages for your pets!

Every preventive plan includes unlimited free office visits and physical exams by a licensed veterinarian.  A good physical exam is our most powerful tool for detecting and treating problems.  Each plan also includes early screening options and high quality vaccines to further prevent and find disease. 

Besides these powerful tools to ensure your pet’s health, our Optimum preventive care plan discounts our emergency room charge for those times when you just can’t wait plus we offer discounts on Science Diet Healthy Blend foods and other products and services.

A variety of plans allow you to choose the right care for your pet’s stage of life.  Unlike pet insurance, Naperville Animal Hospital plans pay for the veterinary services and products that you will use, not just ones that you might.  The best part is that they are designed to catch or stop problems before they become problems, which can save you money long term as well.

Naperville Animal Hospital’s Preventative Care Plans allow you to make convenient monthly payments to spread out the cost of care.  These are automatically debited from your account or charged to your credit card so that you do not have to even think about it.  They also provide a significant discount on many services and products that all pets need to stay healthy.