There are so many animals in need of homes, we wish we could adopt them all! Not only do pets add variety and entertainment to our lives, but their mere presence at home increases our own mental and physical health. With that in mind, the popularity of pet adoption and ownership continues to rise. 

Although more people are opening their homes (and hearts) to pets, it’s not always as easy as simply bringing them home. To help, the Pet Experts have some tips for the process of planning and preparation. 

The Perfect Match

One of the best ways to prevent surrendering or re-homing is to make the right choice prior to adoption. If you don’t have the time, space, or lifestyle that best suits a working breed dog, for example, opt for another pet. Likewise, take a hard look at the possibility for allergies triggered by fur or dander. 

We urge prospective pet owners to look at the long view of pet adoption. This is a many-years long commitment, and should only be pursued if you can provide for all of their needs during their entire lifetime. 

Living Situation

Successful pet adoption hinges on finding the right type of pet for your current living situation. If you’re renting, be sure you are allowed to have pets and know exactly how much it might cost you. It will become essential to train your dog not to bark or be disruptive if you live close to other tenants.

If you already have pets in the household, you’ll have to get them ready to receive a new friend. Bringing home a new pet is always exciting, but it can also be incredibly stressful. You may need to keep your pet separated for the first few days to get them acclimated to the new dynamic. 

Pet Proofing

The concept of removing potential dangers is a requirement. Before you bring home a new pet, it’s essential to pet proof your home. Take a close look at your yard and garden for any hazards like poisonous plants, toxic bait, or lawn chemicals. The garage, bathroom, laundry room and kitchen should be scrutinized for any possible risks. 

Be mindful of your pet’s need to chew, scratch, dig, or mark, and set them up with proper alternatives to your carpet, furniture, and curtains.

Intentional Pet Adoption

We understand the impulse to adopt a pet without research or preparation. Because of the risk of an impromptu pet adoption going sideways, we encourage all future pet owners to take the time to thoughtfully consider this meaningful, lifelong endeavor. 

Check out our featured fosters for more information about our adoptable pets. We have pet adoption events throughout the year and look forward to facilitating a foster pet or an adoption to a forever home.

Remember, Naperville Animal Hospital offers a free first exam and a free microchip for 

newly adopted pets. If you have any questions about pet adoption, the Pet Experts are always here for you