Dog in a Car Window and enjoy road tripOf the 70 million homes across the United States, 63% of those provide love, companionship, nurturing, nutrition, and safety to at least one pet. Those numbers seem to tell a happy story of successful pet partnership in a country that loves and respects companion animals.

However, in the animal shelters and rescues across the U.S., a different story is unfolding. There are approximately 5,000 shelters nationwide that provide safety for the 5 million homeless, lost, or abandoned animals each year. If those animals are not either reunited with his or her owner, adopted, or placed with another adoption facility or foster home, they will likely face euthanasia.

To bring awareness to the plight of shelter animals, join the national movement to Adopt A Shelter Pet during the month of October. There are many ways you can get involved if you aren’t able to adopt a pet and we’ll share how.

Is It Time To Adopt a Shelter Pet?

You may be able to take on the adoption process this month and we applaud your superb decision! We can help you with our very own recommendations on our adoptions page, or you can investigate the numerous shelters west of Chicago that could assist you in your search for the right pet.

While you may be happy to adopt whatever pet fits your family and lifestyle the best, you may have a clear picture of the type of pet you want to search for, be it by breed, gender, size, age and even color. Approximately 25% of all shelter pets are purebred so if you desire a purebred animal you may be in luck when searching for one in shelters, as long as patience is one of your many virtues. And, once you’ve found your new pet, we hope you’ll give us a call so we can help you get started on your pet’s path to great health.

What Else Can I Do?

If you are a pet lover that is not able to adopt a new pet this month, you can benefit needy animals in other ways, too. We wholeheartedly recommend giving back to the rescue community in the following ways:

  • Volunteer at a local shelter or pet rescue
  • Donate items (blankets, pillows, litter, etc) or funds to your local shelter
  • Foster a pet at your home until his or her forever family can be found
  • Update your Facebook status to promote “adopt-a-shelter-pet” month during the entire month of October
  • Promote spaying/neutering
  • Teach our Illinois youth, by word or action, the benefits of shelter pet adoption

Bridging the Gap

There is no doubt that adopting a pet any month of the year can and will change your life. But providing an entirely new life for a shelter pet this October demonstrates a stand against leaving pets behind. Your home could also offer much needed sanctuary if you decide to foster instead of adopt this time of the year. Shelter pets far and wide need good homes and, through no fault of their own, they are abandoned or unclaimed. Shockingly, even some senior pets are left at shelters just for being older.

We can all contribute to a healthier system and make a difference to a sweet shelter animal. Help us bridge the gap by adopting or helping someone else adopt a shelter pet this October.