Spay/Neuter Awareness: What Your Pet’s Recovery Might Look Like

A dog lies down to recover after surgery.

Surgical sterilization of cats and dogs is one of the best ways to address overpopulation, but there are important health benefits to the procedure as well. Spaying a female pet is more involved than neutering a male, but post-operative care is the same. Knowing what to expect in the hours and days after a spay/neuter surgery is necessary for a successful outcome. Your pet’s recovery might not be without certain challenges, but it’s worth it!


Expand Your Furry Family with Some Rodent Pets

A black, white, and brown gerbil.

Whether you already have a dog and cat and are looking to bring a different species home, or you are not ready to commit to a larger animal, rodents make great pets for a variety of pet owners. Before you bring this new exotic animal into your house, take some time researching some different rodent pets so you know which one will fit best into your home and your lifestyle.