Pyometra in Pets and Why You Should Be Concerned

Labrador puppy with purple flower on it's head.

Most people choose to spay their pets because they wish to avoid unwanted litters of puppies and kittens. While pet overpopulation is a big problem, there are certainly other reasons that spay and neuter is a good choice for most families. 

The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital want our clients to understand these reasons, and pyometra in pets is a big one.


Staving Off the Betta Fish Blues

A blue betta fish swims in black water.

Like a siren call, the undeniable beauty of the betta fish makes it hard to resist taking one home and calling it your own. Whether you have already purchased one or you are considering brightening your space with a betta, it is important to take the time to really understand how to care for these eye-catching fish. Many pet owners are surprised that it takes more than you think to properly care for a betta. Although they tend to excel when living in a tank on their own, they can truly thrive when provided with the proper environment.