Napoleon Dogomite: Understanding Small Dog Syndrome

The tiniest of doggos often have the biggest personalities around. Consider the small dog who thinks they’re a big shot at the local park, or the little ankle biter who terrorizes the postal worker.

Small dogs get a bad rap for having too much bravado, but what causes the small dog syndrome everyone laments about? 

There are a few reasons why small dogs throw around their minuscule weight. The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital are here to shine some light on the issue of behavioral problems in small and toy dog breeds.


Demystifying Doggy Dewclaws

Most dog lovers are fairly certain that every inch of their pet is adorable, from nose to tail. If you have ever spent time admiring your pup, you may have noticed those extra little thumbs on the inside of their front paws (or lack thereof). 

What are these tiny appendages? Why do some dogs have them and others don’t? The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital have all the answers to your burning questions about doggy dewclaws.

The Deets on Dewclaws

When it comes down to it, dewclaws are really what they appear to be – thumbs! 

Sort of.