5 Ways to Pamper Your Cat

The cats we share our lives with have it made, right? They sleep as much as they want. They never have to look for food (although sometimes they feel the need to beg for it). And they are diligently protected from various potential calamities. 

Despite parasites, contagious diseases, vehicular accidents, and  fights with predators, today’s pet cats are living longer than ever before. While it seems like cats have everything they want or need, the truth is that there are lots of things we can do to make them feel safe and loved. Look no further than our suggestions on how to pamper your cat.


Pet Separation Anxiety in This Brave New World

It seems as if we live in a world of unsettling statistics and harrowing headlines. It’s no wonder that we’re all a little on edge, and our pets are no exception. 

Animals, especially companion animals, are incredibly intuitive. They pick up our emotional states, and often react in kind. For the good times and the terrible ones, our pets hold up a mirror for us. And, as we all work towards establishing a new normal, a natural consequence is, of course, pet separation anxiety.