Bug Off! Pet Friendly Insect Control

Ah, summer. The time of year when everyone wants to come out of hiding and enjoy the great outdoors. People aren’t the only ones coming out in droves, however. Pesky insects that bite, sting, and invade the home are plentiful, and can cause some serious problems for people and pets. 

Unfortunately, the ingredients in most insecticides and insect repellents are pretty toxic. Keeping your pet safe while you get rid of buggy things is our aim at Naperville Animal Hospital. Let The Pet Experts give you some suggestions for pet friendly insect control just in time for summer.


Do Dogs Need Sun Protection?

Ask any dog owner how easy it is to leave the house during the summer months with their pup in tow, you can expect a few surprises. 

Gone are the days that we can get away with packing just one extra doodie bag. Instead, we are now faced with the never ending list of things to pack in order to have a safe, comfortable, healthy day away from home. 

In addition to baggies, collapsible water bowls, and treats, dogs need sun protection, too! Without it, your pup could be in serious trouble.