The Health of a Smelly Senior Dog Could Be One Sniff Away

There aren’t many reasons why people opt out of dog ownership, but if we had to guess, eau de dog might be one of them. It’s true: dogs have the tendency to truly stink from time to time. 

Unruly puppies cannot be easily deterred from rolling around in mud, garbage or poop, but as they age, these behaviors subside. Just when they start to mellow out, dogs can develop certain age-related health problems that cause unmistakable scents. While they may not be entirely welcome at home, the olfactory signatures of a smelly senior dog may reveal treatable health problems.


Hack, Cough, Uh-Oh: Hairballs in Cats

Most cat owners know the signal of impending doom. Your cat suddenly starts backing up while making an unearthly noise, as if to vomit. Then…they do. Amid the mess is that telltale wad of fur called a hairball. Not only are hairballs gross, they may be an issue of concern if they are a response to an underlying illness or condition. 

The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital are here to tell you more about hairballs and why they happen.