Too Much of a Good Things: When You Have Too Many Pets 

Any time spent watching the news usually includes a story or two about pet hoarding. It’s an unfortunate occurrence that can harm the animals themselves but also the community. These circumstances may seem extreme, but people having too many pets is common. 

For pet lovers, it is hard to imagine not wanting to have a few pets in the household. After all, more wonderful sweeties to care for and love. But, as you probably know, there is a limit to this desire to care.

The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital are here to discuss the reasons why having several pets can be a problem, as well as what to watch for in a pet hoarding situation.


I Found a Baby Animal, What Do I Do?

As winter finally (sort of, maybe, hopefully) begins its slow melt into spring, new life will be popping up everywhere as trees, grasses, and flowers wake from their long slumber. Spring is also baby animal season, and it’s not uncommon to glimpse a cute baby bunny, bird, or other critter as we go about our daily activities.

Spotting a baby wild animal all by itself can be concerning, and while it’s understandable to want to help, that may not always be the right tactic. The Pet Experts are here to walk you through what to do if you’ve found a baby animal. Please do not bring wildlife to Naperville Animal Hospital.