Fluffy Said What?! Cat Myths Through the Ages

cat mythsIt’s no wonder the game “Whisper Down the Lane” is so popular among kids and grown ups alike. We hear what we want to hear and pass it along. Sometimes it’s amusing, other times it just shows how well we’re able to fill in the blanks when we don’t have all the puzzle pieces.

Cat myths likely developed in the same way as a million rounds of “Whisper Down the Lane.” In the absence of concrete scientific research, what else could explain why cats were such stealthy hunters or amazing jumpers? Indeed, their abilities seem to defy human logic, and the prevalence of flawed explanations took root across cultures and centuries.


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The Pet Experts believe that the start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to improve the lives of our furry companions, as well. Our weekly blog is brimming with topics to help you do just that!

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