7 Effective Ways to Deal with Pet Hair

pet hairWhile some of us wish for long, flowing tresses, this sentiment is often lost on our pet owner friends who struggle with their pets’ chronic shedding. In fact, over 72% of pet owners state that one of the major challenges of pet ownership is pet hair on furniture, rugs, and clothing.

From sweeping up the never-ending furballs, to stashing dozens of lint brushes around the house, when it comes to pet hair there is ample reason to wonder: why all the shedding?

Although there will probably never be a time when your sofa or slacks are free from pet fur, there are several ways you can help avoid the onslaught of a furry mess; and The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital are here to help!


The Catio: Your Cat’s Ticket to Fun

catioMost veterinarians (us included) agree that indoor cats enjoy more robust health, greater protection from dangers, and an overall longer lifespan than outdoor and indoor/outdoor cats. This arrangement works well for the reclusive, couch-potato kitties, but if your cat can be found gazing out the window or cackling at the sight of a bird, you might want to consider building him or her a catio.

What is a Catio?

A catio is an enclosed, protected outdoor space for cats! This fast-growing trend is a wonderful way to provide your indoor cat with access to the outdoors, while keeping him or her protected from common threats such as other animals, cars, and communicable diseases. The more than 3 billion birds and 20 million small animals who are killed by domestic cats each year will also thank you for letting your pet look but not touch.