Cat Whiskers: The Defining Feature of Feline Friends

cat whiskersThey’re long, wispy, and have a knack for tickling your face in the middle of the night. They seem to be the first thing that draws us in when admiring the beauty of cats, and they certainly define the Felidae family.

Cat whiskers are the standout feature of a cat’s face. Even though other mammals have whiskers, they seem to be most distinct on our cat friends. But what exactly are they used for?

The Pet Experts want to discuss just how expressive (and important) whiskers are to your purry pal.

The Anatomy of the Whisker

Whiskers, also known as vibrissae, are not just an ornamental aspect of your cat’s face; they’re also a means of perceiving the world and communicating. Unlike a strand of hair, the whisker is a sensory device meant to attune your cat to the environment.


Hot Weather and the Risk to Brachycephalic Dogs

Who doesn’t love a sweet, smooshed-face dog full of wrinkles and squishy hug-ability? The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital certainly adore them! Brachycephalic pets, or brachys, include all those adorable flat-nosed animals whose popularity has exploded over the past few decades.

From pugs to bulldogs, we love our brachycephalic dogs…but they do come with some extra care requirements. Hot weather can be brutal for all animals, but when it comes to brachys, it can be even more insidious.