The Truth About Indoor Cat Care and Disease Prevention

We are bombarded every day to make decisions, but how do we truly know if the choices we make are the right ones? Of the big decisions faced by pet owners, keeping a pet cat inside is one of the better ones. Fluffy is safe from running into traffic, getting stuck in trees or bad weather, fighting with predators and other territorial felines, and also benefits from reduced exposure to parasites.

To best serve our clients who share their lives with furry felines, the Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital have some ideas that support overall indoor cat care.


Ignoring Easter Pet Safety Could Send You Down the Rabbit Hole

For some, Easter is an incredibly important, rather serious religious holiday. However, Easter is also a time for family gatherings, egg hunts, and revelry on the same level as all other significant holidays. It’s finally spring, after all!

The pastel colors, glazed ham, bonnets, baby birds, and bunnies notwithstanding, Easter pet safety should remain in the forefront of every pet owner’s mind. The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital have the following tips to protect your pet – and guarantee a good time is had by all.

Is Trouble Hopping By?

Primarily, Easter pet safety hinges on restricting access to certain foods or treats. Before we dive into that, a word of caution.