Leaders of the Pack: The Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Purebred Shetland Sheepdog outdoors on grass meadowIf you could measure your dog’s intelligence, what criteria would you use? For many dog owners, traits like responsiveness, obedience, and good behavior might come to mind when factoring intelligent dog breeds.

The study of canine cognition and behavior is nothing new. From Pavlov to more recent studies on emotional intelligence, learning about sociable pack animals like dogs have helped us gain insight into their world and into human behavior.

While you may think your dog is the smartest one around, there are specific metrics used to determine intelligent dog breeds and why they excel.


To Look Ahead, We Acknowledge Our Top 10 Pet Care Blogs of 2016

Enjoying a day together.Lists, lists, and more lists! We just got through the most hectic time of the year, wherein one to-do list topples another. We scratched off our accomplishments or drew asterisks next the ones that take priority, and the fact is, we are pretty amazed at all there is left to do! That’s why we’re taking this particular moment to make yet another list, but we can assure you: this one is quite special.

Over the course of the previous twelve months, The Pet Experts attempted to skillfully craft meaningful pet care blogs for one sole purpose: to help and educate our clients and readers. From the difficult to the amusing, we tried to tackle a range of subjects that we felt appealed to our large community of pet owners, and you gave us relevant feedback.