What Could be Better? Pet Costume Safety Tips That are Sure to Please

Chihuahua Wearing Clown CostumeIt’s fall, and the Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital couldn’t be more excited for all that is in store for our community! We’re talking about Howl-o-ween, of course! The haunted houses, the creepy crawlies, and the foggy spookiness are just too fun to pass up, but your pet may not harbor the same enthusiasm for the Hostess cupcake costume you picked out for him or her.

As with any major calendar event, there are holiday hazards to be aware of. If your plan is to dress up Fluffy or Fido this Halloween, pet costume safety should get your full attention.

Where to Start

For pet lovers, it’s not shocking to learn that for every three dollars spent on a child’s costume, one dollar is spent on a pet’s. Indeed, Halloween is becoming more of a pet-centric holiday every year, but does your pet want to join the costume parade? Continue…

Yuck, Medicine! How to Give Your Pet Medication

Senior Golden Retriever Taking Daily MedicationAlthough administering pet medication may seem like a daunting task, nearly every pet will require this at some point in his or her life. In fact, we’re fortunate to have so many effective options for disease treatment, pain management, and preventive care.  

However, when it comes to convincing your reluctant cat or dog, it’s a good idea to have a few tricks up your sleeve!

Knowing Your Pet Medication Options

If your pet absolutely refuses to take a pill, it’s better to understand all your options rather than forcing the matter. If a pet is medication-averse, he or she has already formed negative associations with whatever method you’ve been using. Continue…