Successful Dog Training Starts With Five Basic Commands

Senior woman with her dogAccording to canine intelligence experts, the average dog recognizes and understands about 150 human words. Talking directly to your dog serves a variety of purposes, but there’s a special advantage when it comes to dog training. Teaching basic commands is not only fun and rewarding, it can also prevent injuries and inappropriate behavior.

A Great Head Start

Ideally, all puppies between 12-16 weeks should be taught the following basic commands, but any dog can learn new things throughout his or her life. That’s why The Pet Experts recommend these tips for success: Continue…

Sibling Rivalry: Multi-Pet Aggression in the Home

Two dogsWhen you decided to get a second (or third) pet, you might have had wonderful visions of being surrounded by mounds of cuddly furballs. However, in reality, your home is plagued with fighting pets. While multi-pet aggression isn’t uncommon, it can create troublesome stress for pets and owners alike.  

Despite our desire for peace, the truth is that not all dogs and cats get along with each other. Some breeds prefer to be the only pet around while others thrive in the presence of other fur buddies. A pet’s background is also integral to whether adding another pet could pose problems. Continue…