Know the Basics of Camping With a Dog

Enjoying a day together.For outdoor enthusiasts, camping is one of the more enjoyable summertime activities. All that fresh air, starry skies, and wide open space – what’s not to love?

For pet owners, camping with a dog makes the experience a hundred times better. However, along with the wonders of nature also come certain dangers. For our canine camping buddies, this includes the risk of becoming lost or encountering wildlife.

Camping with a Dog 101

To keep your four-legged friend safe, plan ahead for your camping trip and know how to handle emergency situations. Continue…

Popular Pet Myths Debunked!

Little red catWhether you’re a pet owner or not, you’ve likely heard your fair share of pet myths. These “old wives tales” range from everything to how many lives a cat has (only one, in case you’re wondering) to what a wagging tail on a cat means (many things).

The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital are truth seekers to the bitter end, which is why we have compiled, and debunked, 5 of the most common pet myths. Enjoy! Continue…