Play’s the Thing: Fantastically Fun DIY Dog Toys

iStock_000021470999_LargeIf you do an Internet search for “DIY dog toys,” you’ll get thousands of hits. It’s easy to start clicking around and before you know it, the Late Show is on and it’s time to hit the hay. Because we value your time – and want your dog to have the safest toys available – the pet experts culled through the endless number of results to offer you this list of effective DIY dog toys.

Save the Dough

We’re all trying to save money and reduce waste. If you’re constantly having to replace your dog’s toys, this can end up costing you financially, as well as environmentally. Instead, save your hard-earned paycheck by getting creative and crafty. Continue…

Hyperthyroidism in Cats: A Battle You Can Win

Old Long-Haired Grey Cat with Yellow Eyes on RailingIf you have a senior pet, your list of worries is probably longer than it was a few years back. Unfortunately, it is true that as a pet ages his or her likelihood of experiencing many conditions increases. Be it arthritis, cancer, or even dementia, having an older pet increases the odds that your beloved family member may be affected by some disease process.

We start to consider our cat patients to be seniors around the age of seven. While trouble can find felines of any age, there are a few conditions that we see very commonly in our senior cat population. One of the more common problems that affect older cats are those involving the thyroid gland. Continue…