Outbreak 2015: The Update on Canine Influenza & Kennel Cough

dog under a blanket on whiteIf you are a dog owner and have been paying much attention to the media, you have probably heard about the recent canine influenza/kennel cough outbreak affecting dogs in the Chicagoland area. Read on to learn what you need to know about your dog and the 2015 outbreak.

Traditional Kennel Cough

The occasional kennel cough outbreak affects all kennels and boarding facilities. This highly contagious upper respiratory disease is an infectious tracheobronchitis that affects dogs specifically. Many viruses and bacteria can combine to result in the disease, making each outbreak a little bit different. Continue…

Spring Fever – Pet Safety Precautions

Naperville_000047785894_LargeNaperville’s flora and fauna are just starting to wake up after a long, hard winter and your pet is probably beyond ready to embark on spring adventures with you.

Before you get too caught up with yard work, cleaning, and trips to the dog park, take a moment to lock-in certain pet safety precautions. If enjoying time in the great outdoors with your pet this spring is something you’ve been craving since, say, November, just make sure you are ahead of the curve in the following ways: Continue…