Pet Proofing Your Home: Reducing Dangers and Temptations

Naper_iStock_000014863777_LargeIf you’ve decided to invite a little fuzzy monster into your home, it’s best to take a few precautions. Kittens and puppies are not so different than toddlers when it comes to getting into anything and everything in sight. Locking away potentially dangerous items and eliminating clutter will go a long way towards keeping your fuzzball safe and destruction to a dull roar.

Keeping things off the floor might work in the early days if you have a very young pet, but they will find their way onto the counters and into the cupboards in no time. To help you help your pets, we’ve concocted a list of what to look out for so you can keep your pet safe from the most common dangers found around the home. Continue…

Preventing Pet Obesity: Nutrition & Exercise

Dog and cat eating food from a bowlJanuary is often a time of self-reflection and lifestyle assessment. Where have I neglected my health and wellness, you may ask? What can I do better?

And, while you are on the theme of health and lifestyle, have you considered checking in with your pet’s health, weight, and exercise schedule, as well? Has Mittens been putting on some winter bulk? Have those daily dog walks fallen to the wayside?

If you have struggled with keeping your pet at his or her optimum weight, or are starting to notice signs of obesity, here are important points of focus to get your pet’s weight under control. Continue…